Wishing on a Wednesday #1

10:58 PM

So I heard that there is a community book blog thing that happens on a Wednesday called "Waiting on Wednesday" in which you talk about books that you are excited to be released. I decided to do something similar to that, obviously this won't happen every single Wednesday (I release it's Tuesday but I'm busy tomorrow and it gives people a chance to read ;)), but I thought that I would talk about five books that I REALLY want right now. They don't have to be new, they just have to be books that have been making me hover over the checkout button because they've been sitting in my basket for so long. I'm going to put these in reverse order of the amount I want them... HERE WE GO! 

5.  Books V. Cigarettes by George Orwell

Page Count: 144
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Essay

Synopsis and Reason: One of many of George Orwell's essays that he may be less famous for. If you didn't know one of my all time favourite books is 1984 by George Orwell, I recently read Animal Farm and really enjoyed it so decided to look at what else he has written. I watched a video by Ariel Bissett in which she did a haul of George Orwell's works, here is where I found this essay. This is essentially an essay where George Orwell discusses the dilemma as to whether or not he has spent more money on books or smoking... That's it! To be honest, it's probably the mention of books that has sucked me in!

4. Mr. Monster by Dan Wells

Page Count: 288
Publisher: Headline
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Serial Killer

Synopsis and Reason: Second book in the John Cleaver series, I really enjoyed the first book. It goes into psychology so much as well as serial killers (we all know how weirdly obsessed I am with those!). This is about a guy called John, who has a personality disorder which makes it so he can't empathise with other people. He's also obsessed with serial killers which a lot of people find strange (including his own mother). He follows a lot of rules to stop himself from becoming a serial killer as is expected to happen by most people in his life. In the first book a serial killer comes to town, and it means he has to break some of his rules. That's all I'm going to say on this because quite frankly, I don't want to spoil anything! The first book is called I am not a serial killer, go grab it if you haven't already!

3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green

Page Count: 352
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Synopsis and Reason: I have yet to read anything else by John Green except from The Fault in Our Stars. I now own Looking for alaska, Paper towns and an Abundance of Katherines, but this I don't. This is about two men both called "Will Grayson" the chapters Alternate between being written by John Green and being written by David Levithan. They both have completely different lives and choices, and eventually meet. This is what happens when they finally do meet, basically. I really liked the idea of these two authors working together and I've heard great things about this book.

2. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

Page Count: 304
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books
Genre: Mental Health, Eating Disorder, Contemporary

Synopsis and Reason: To be honest, I have wanted this one for an incredibly long time, ever since Ren told me about it which is probably a year ago now. This is about a girl with an eating disorder, it's her diary and the thoughts that go on inside her head as she struggles with this mental illness. I've read an extract of this in a book magazine and it was so powerful, she even had written things down like the calories in food and such as she was counting along in her head. I just want this book so bad!

1. The Resurrectionist by E.B.Hudspeth

Page Count: 208
Publisher: Quirk Books
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Anatomy

Synopsis and Reason: I have been lusting after this book ever since it came out last year! This is nothing like I have ever seen before. This is basically a book of the anatomy of mythical creatures such as fairies and mermaids etc. It's treated like this whole thing is real, like this is all stuff that has been hidden and just suddenly resurface and I absolutely LOVE that idea! It does have a lot of text as well as images so I just really want to get my hands on this book!

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the books that I really want, I thought it was something different to do, and as I say I probably won't do this every Wednesday but... We shall see! 

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