Top Ten Books That Were Hard For Me To Read

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We were told that we could interpret this topic in any way that we wanted to, so I decided that my interpretation was going to be books that had difficult subject matters or that were quite difficult to read in the sense of description of horrible happenings in the book. To be honest, there aren't many books that I find difficult to read, but I feel like these are difficult topic's and that is why I chose these. Therefore, here is my top ten books that I found difficult to read.

Link me your Top Ten Tuesday if you've done one and let me know if you have read any of these and whether you found them difficult to read or not!


Serial Killer Sunday #4

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Warning: Do not read these posts if you are easily affected by gore/abuse. Read at your own risk.

I'm back with another Serial Killer Sunday! I'm back at university now, doing my second year of a Psychology degree, hence why I have been posting less. I am extremely excited this year because one of my modules is "Abnormal Psychology" and one of our lectures is on Serial Killers! I know, I'm so excited, which is kind of weird but hey, we all have morbid curiosity or you wouldn't be reading this post. Before I continue, I just want to draw attention to this as some of you may not know, my first Serial Killer Sunday was on Jack the Ripper whose identity had never been discovered, recently it has! It turns out it was a Polish barber named Aaron Kosminski, the lecturer who helped with the DNA is actually a lecturer from my university! Who'd have thought, if you want to find out more click here.

I'm finding it quite difficult to pick what Serial Killers I want to talk about, but I want to make sure I cover a variety of different things. So my first post was a never found serial killer, my second a couple and my third a male, so it makes sense that my fourth be female!

Year's active: 1880 - 1896
Number of Killings: 6-100 +
Killing method: Strangulation
Year caught: 1896
Where now: Executed by Hanging in Newgate Prison on June 10th 1896

Amelia is obviously one of the more older female serial killers but I thought that she was interesting and incredibly disturbing, it just brings about more questions of how? How was she able to do this?


Bookish Finds!

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I wanted to do a blog post on things that I have found which are book related but aren't actually books. It could be anything from posters to jewellery and if this gets a good response then I will put this into my features and do it more often!

£9.48 on Etsy
If you want to show off your favourite book by constantly wearing it around your neck then you should definitely have a look at this shop, I stumbled across the fault in our stars necklace but the shop has a wide range of titles and you can also ask for any book that you want! Perfect gift to yourself or a fellow booklover.


Book Review: Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

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Star Rating: 5/5
Title: WinterGirls
Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 304
Genre: Mental Health, Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Contemporary

Where to buy: 

Amazon  Waterstones  TheBookPeople
Cassie and Lia did everything together, including stay thin.
But then Cassie died.
Now the voice in Lia's head tells her to stay strong.
Lose more.
Weigh less.


Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read list

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
I quite liked the idea of this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, purely because I feel like I can set myself a TBR list which I haven't done in quite a while, most of these won't have a fall theme to them, probably not any of them to be honest! But anyway, here are the books I plan on reading this fall!

What books are on your TBR list? Got any recommendations for me? Or just want to tell me where you think I should start? Comment down below! I'd love to hear from you!


Literary Dinner Party Tag!

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I was tagged by Jess to do the Literary Dinner Party Tag! This is my first ever tag on my blog so I hope that you enjoy! The idea of this tag is that you are hosting a Literary Dinner Party and are allowed to invite 10 guests who have to fit in each category! Anyway, let's get onto the questions.

1. A character who can cook/likes to cook.

This was quite a hard one for me because I couldn't really think of many characters that cook. The only one that came to mind is one which is from a series that I'm not that much of a fan of (don't kill me) and that's Isabelle from the mortal instruments. Obviously she can't cook, but she seems to enjoy cooking because she continues to do it despite every ones comments!

2. A character who has money to fund the party.

Cadence Sinclair from the book we were liars by E. Lockhart, of any of the Sinclair family really, they have this huge house that they go to over the summer and have their own island, if that's not rich I don't know what is!

3. A character who might cause a scene.

Pat from The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, he has some... anger issues and probably would be most likely to cause a scene if something was said to him that he didn't like, especially about his wife, Nikki.

annabel pitcher

Top Ten Authors I've only read one book from but NEED to read more.

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
For a while now I've been undecided as to whether or not to join in on this Top Ten Tuesday meme. But I decided that it would be a good way to get more involved in the blogging community. This goes the same as all my other segments, I probably won't do this every week due to going back to university soon but I will try my best to do as many as I can.

So this weeks Top Ten Tuesday is "Top Ten Authors I've only read one book from but NEED to read more." I'm going to do this in reverse order from the author I'm least excited to read to the author I'm most excited to read.  Let us begin.

10. Dan Wells

If you've been following my blog for a little while you have probably heard me mention this author before. I took out his first book in the John Cleaver series from the library on a whim, called "I am not a serial killer" and ever since, I've wanted to read more by him, I didn't even realise he was the author of partials until I looked at his website! 


Serial Killer Sunday #3

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Warning: Do not read these posts if you are easily affected by gore/abuse. Read at your own risk.

This week I decided that I would kick it up a notch and go with a man that perhaps is not as infamous as the rest of them, but one that is worth noting and perhaps one that is quite terrifying due to the fact that this man was not caught until he was an old man, age 65 to be exact, which shows that you can't trust anyone, not even supposedly harmless little old men.

Year's active: 1924 to 1932
Number of Killings: 3-10 +
Killing method: Strangulation or Stabbing
Year caught: 1934
Where now: Executed by Electric Chair in Sing Sing Prison, New York 1936
Before I start I just want to say that you should be warned about this one, Albert fish was quite a horrific human being and I perhaps wouldn't recommend reading on if you don't have a strong stomach.

Huh, I was just about to type "the most horrific thing about Albert Fish" when I realised it's quite hard to pinpoint exactly what the most horrific thing about this man was. He was a pedophile, cannibal and serial killer; take your pick. 


Stacking the Shelves #1

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Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tyngas Reviews
Now that I'm getting more into the blogging world, I have recently discovered that there are a lot of memes floating around the book blogging world, of which I have decided to try out a few! The first one I have decided to try out is Stacking the Shelves, I have linked who the original creator is just under my little header. Basically, this is similar to a book haul, this is where you show all the books you have bought, borrowed or been sent; be it physical or ebook. So, without further ado, here is what I have been stacking my shelves with recently (see what I did there?).

Books I Bought

Books I was Sent



Book Review: Thirteen Reasons why by Jay Asher

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Star Rating: 5/5
Title: Thirteen Reasons Why
Author: Jay Asher
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 304
Genre: Mental Health, Suicide, Contemporary

Where to buy: 

Amazon  Waterstones  TheBookPeople
Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers thirteen cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who committed suicide two weeks earlier.
On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he'll find out how he made the list.


My Top Tips for starting a Blog!

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Okay, so I am still fairly new to the blogging game but I was asked by BourntoRead if I would do a blog post on tips for starting a blog because she is thinking of starting one! First off, if you are thinking of starting a blog then I would definitely say go ahead and do it! It's so much fun, I'm starting to get more involved in the blogging community and I love it, genuinely adore blogging! So anyway onto my tips!

1. Blog Name.

This is an obvious one and probably the most difficult for the majority of people! Remember, this is going to be the name that sticks, that you are going to be known for, so make sure you really like the name, you don't want to have to change it every few months! If you want you could have your name reflect what your blog is about, if it's a book blog, have the word book in the title, here are some examples (and my favourites):

But if you don't want your blog to have a specific topic and you just want to write about anything you want (which is what I have done), then maybe go with something you like; do you like the colour purple and butterflies then search for synonyms of the colour purple; lilac, amethyst, violet. Then maybe add something that reflects butterflies; wings, beauty, flying. So your blog could then be called Violet butterflies or Lilac wings. It could even have nothing to do with what you like and just list things off, or be part of a quote from your favourite book/film. Here are examples of generic titles (though most of these may still write about books):

If you're really struggling for a name for your blog, why not try a name generator?


Book Review: The Boy in the Book by Nathan Penlington

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Star Rating: 3.5/5
Title: The Boy in the Book
Author: Nathan Penlington
Publisher: Headline
Pages: 320
Genre: Non-Fiction, Biography, Search

Where to buy: 

Amazon  Waterstones  TheBookPeople

As a boy Nathan Penlington had loved Choose Your Own Adventure novels. So when he came across a set of the first 106 volumes for sale on eBay, he snapped them up. Picking up the first, The Cave of Time, he was looking forward to a nostalgic trip back to his own childhood. What he discovered instead would send him off on adventure all of his own.

As he turned the pages, there was another story being written - in the margins were scribblings by the little boy who had originally owned them, a boy called Terence. There were hints on the coming adventure and jokes, but also something darker. Terence wrote about being bullied at school, the things he hated about himself, of a desperate need for friends. Later Nathan came across a few pages of diary:

Stole money from parents, bought airline ticket, ran away to Scotland.
Saturday - detention x2. Left school with intention to kill myself.
Drugs... Guns?

Even though it must have been twenty years since Terence wrote those words, it was clear that they were a cry for help. Nathan decided to answer that call: to find Terence, or at least find out what happened to him.

Nathan's search for Terence is at once funny, moving and more than a little quixotic. There would be dead ends and crossed wires, and along the way Nathan would have to face his own childhood demons. It is a story about the dark places that can exist in any childhood, but also of the sanctuary to be found in books. And at the end of his adventure Nathan would find one more surprise: a friend.


Serial Killer Sunday #2

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Warning: Do not read these posts if you are easily affected by gore/abuse. Read at your own risk.

I didn't get any suggestions last week on what to do this week so I decided to go with the serial killer which I find the most interesting. In this case it is a serial killer couple, the most confusing part in this is that the majority of serial killers tend to be male and work alone. But there are a few out there who have come together and encouraged each other in their sick deeds. So this week I am going to talk about...
Year's active: 1971 to 1987
Number of Killings: Fred; 11-13, Rose; 10
Killing method: Strangulation, Suffocation
Year caught: 1992
Where now: Fred; committed suicide whilst awaiting trial in 1995, Rose; In Low Newton prison in Durham (Age 60)

The house of 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester has often been known as "The house of horrors", not long after the murders were discovered the house was demolished and now all that stands of the
house is an empty alley way. The most notable of the west's murders was that of their own daughter, Heather West, who's body they buried under the patio and used this as a threat towards their other children. The horrific incestuous and torturous couple managed to get away with murder for so long that they started to be less careful.

Fred West was born on September 29th, 1941. There has been a number of claims that Fred's own mother sexually abused him as a child. He never did well at school and dropped out to work on a farm. At the age of 17, Fred was involved in a motorbike accident that left him with head injuries, this was suggested that could have been the significant turn for Fred.


Jacqueline Wilson Madness!

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Recently, I decided I wanted to have a bit of a trip down memory lane and started to hunt for, as you have probably guessed by the title, Jacqueline Wilson books!

I decided that seeing as I haven't ever just shared books that I have bought yet, that I would make a post on what ones I have managed to get, where from and the amount I got them for!

Jacqueline Wilson is one of very few authors that writes about real issues for children, that doesn't sugar coat things, that doesn't pretend that life is always easy, that is why I loved her as a child.

Altogether I got 7 books, I got the ones that I remembered loving and enjoying the most (apart from one which I will explain about when it comes to it)... On to the books!

1. The Lottie Project 

Bought for: In a bundle of 3 for £10.
Bought from: Depop (App)
Number of Pages: 208
Recommended Age: 9+

Boy do I remember loving this book! This is about a girl called Charlie who writes a project about a Victorian version of herself. She writes it like a diary and calls the character Lottie, another shortened version of her name. Each chapter alternates between the characters but both on the same subject, for instance Charlie will write about her school life, then she will write about Lottie's school life and so on. When I was younger I was a big fan of anything history related (and still am) so I really loved this book, especially the comparison between the two lives!