Bookish Finds!

6:11 PM

I wanted to do a blog post on things that I have found which are book related but aren't actually books. It could be anything from posters to jewellery and if this gets a good response then I will put this into my features and do it more often!

£9.48 on Etsy
If you want to show off your favourite book by constantly wearing it around your neck then you should definitely have a look at this shop, I stumbled across the fault in our stars necklace but the shop has a wide range of titles and you can also ask for any book that you want! Perfect gift to yourself or a fellow booklover.

£3.99 on The Literary Gift Company
I've actually wanted this bookmark myself for a long time, I've seen it in waterstones and blackwells books. The Bookmark is metal and the writing is engraved onto it, it looks so good and it's really interesting to see how many of the books you have read!

£8.95 on Ebay
Can we all agree that this t-shirt is a must have for when going to watch films in the cinema? It's just a great and quirky top to have! I love it!

£28.44 on Etsy
It's definitely quite pricey for a skirt and I wouldn't be so daring as to wear it but oh my god I couldn't not include it, how amazing is this?!

£17.69 on Etsy
It's times like these that I wish my boyfriend was a reader. They have them for a wide range of phones and they're just so COOL! I loved this book a lot and I really like this phone case, will someone be a couple with me? 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it was something a little different that I thought you lovely readers would appreciate!

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