Jacqueline Wilson Madness!

7:21 PM

Recently, I decided I wanted to have a bit of a trip down memory lane and started to hunt for, as you have probably guessed by the title, Jacqueline Wilson books!

I decided that seeing as I haven't ever just shared books that I have bought yet, that I would make a post on what ones I have managed to get, where from and the amount I got them for!

Jacqueline Wilson is one of very few authors that writes about real issues for children, that doesn't sugar coat things, that doesn't pretend that life is always easy, that is why I loved her as a child.

Altogether I got 7 books, I got the ones that I remembered loving and enjoying the most (apart from one which I will explain about when it comes to it)... On to the books!

1. The Lottie Project 

Bought for: In a bundle of 3 for £10.
Bought from: Depop (App)
Number of Pages: 208
Recommended Age: 9+

Boy do I remember loving this book! This is about a girl called Charlie who writes a project about a Victorian version of herself. She writes it like a diary and calls the character Lottie, another shortened version of her name. Each chapter alternates between the characters but both on the same subject, for instance Charlie will write about her school life, then she will write about Lottie's school life and so on. When I was younger I was a big fan of anything history related (and still am) so I really loved this book, especially the comparison between the two lives!

2. Lola Rose

Bought for: In a bundle of 3 for £10.
Bought from: Depop (App)
Number of Pages: 352
Recommended Age: 11+

This was the first book that I properly fell in love with, it was my all time favourite book by Jacqueline Wilson, I can't remember why I just remember adoring it, I had it in hardcover too! I wish I never threw those books out. Anyway, this is about a girl named Jayni who has to escape from her own house in the middle of the night with her brother and mum because life at home has become really frightening for them. They also have to chose new names so Jayni decides to change her name to Lola Rose. Unexpectedly, her mum has to go into hospital leaving Jayni to be the grown up of the house. This was such a real issue that I loved to read about it, it was the first big issue I had ever read about when I was younger. The recommended reading age for this is age 9 and up but I would say this book is more 11 and up, may be just my opinion though.

3. The Diamond Girls

Bought for: In a bundle of 3 for £10.
Bought from: Depop (App)
Number of Pages: 352
Recommended Age: 10+

I remember this being another one of her books that I really enjoyed but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was about, I just had to google it (I swear I've got a memory of a goldfish sometimes!). This is about four sisters who are completely different to each other, they all have their own unique personality traits. Their mum is expecting another baby, so they have to move to a bigger place, the only problem is that the place is horrible; filthy and rough. To make matters worse just as they arrive, their mum goes into labour! So, the four sisters have to work together to make the place fit for a baby. I just remember that I liked this book, that's all I had to go off!

4. The Illustrated Mum

Bought for: In a bundle of 2 for £5.
Bought from: Depop (App)
Number of Pages: 320
Recommended Age: 10+

I remember really enjoying this book for the reason that I liked looking at the designs on the front cover whenever a tattoo was mentioned in the book. I really liked that they were put on the cover and I clearly secretly liked the idea of a tattoo as I now have two small ones on each wrist! I thought the mum was really cool and I liked seeing what the children thought about it. It was something different and it was something that I hadn't really read about before!

5. Double Act

Bought for: In a bundle of 2 for £5.
Bought from: Depop (App)
Number of Pages: 192
Recommended Age: 8+

I loved this book so much as a child that I even wrote my own version! This is about two twins, they both share the diary, one twin writes in italics and the other writes in normal writing. It's almost like you are listening to two people having a conversation, I can't remember exactly what the story line of this is but I just know that most children would absolutely adore this book!

6. My Sister Jodie

Bought for: Bundle of Two for £1.
Bought from: Charity Shop
Number of Pages: 400
Recommended Age: 11+

I think this was one of the most hard hitting books that I ever read as a child. It deals with siblings, getting into trouble and loss. It's quite a strong book and a book that I wouldn't recommend to younger readers of Jacqueline Wilson. There is, however, a lot of lessons to be learnt in this book and is quite an enjoyable read! I definitely loved this book when I was younger.

7. Cookie

Bought for: Bundle of Two for £1.
Bought from: Charity Shop
Number of Pages: 336
Recommended Age: 9+

This was the first ever Jacqueline Wilson book that I didn't purchase. I was so obsessed with her when I was younger that I instantly bought a book whenever she released one, without even reading what it was about! This is where I did the "I'm too old for her now" stage and ended up getting rid of my own copies, boy do I regret that now! I can't wait to read something new of hers and I can't believe all her books are still illustrated by Nick Sharratt, I absolutely adore his style and attempted to teach myself a number of times!

So that's it for the Jacqueline Wilson books that I've bought, I'm enjoying taking a trip down memory lane and can't wait to dive into it, it's going to be so much fun to read these again! Tell me, what was your favourite author as a child and what was your favourite book by them?

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