My Top Tips for starting a Blog!

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Okay, so I am still fairly new to the blogging game but I was asked by BourntoRead if I would do a blog post on tips for starting a blog because she is thinking of starting one! First off, if you are thinking of starting a blog then I would definitely say go ahead and do it! It's so much fun, I'm starting to get more involved in the blogging community and I love it, genuinely adore blogging! So anyway onto my tips!

1. Blog Name.

This is an obvious one and probably the most difficult for the majority of people! Remember, this is going to be the name that sticks, that you are going to be known for, so make sure you really like the name, you don't want to have to change it every few months! If you want you could have your name reflect what your blog is about, if it's a book blog, have the word book in the title, here are some examples (and my favourites):

But if you don't want your blog to have a specific topic and you just want to write about anything you want (which is what I have done), then maybe go with something you like; do you like the colour purple and butterflies then search for synonyms of the colour purple; lilac, amethyst, violet. Then maybe add something that reflects butterflies; wings, beauty, flying. So your blog could then be called Violet butterflies or Lilac wings. It could even have nothing to do with what you like and just list things off, or be part of a quote from your favourite book/film. Here are examples of generic titles (though most of these may still write about books):

If you're really struggling for a name for your blog, why not try a name generator?

2. Blogging Host

A Blogging host is the website where you make your blog, the most popular of these are blogger (which I use) and wordpress obviously you don't have to pay for either of these hosts. Now I know nothing about wordpress, I've never used it, so whenever I talk about tips I am going to be referring to blogger, therefore if you want to closely follow what I say, use blogger! There will be parts (if I continue to do so) where I talk about HTML where the majority of blogger hosts will have the ability to use this. I think blogger is incredibly easy to use as well which is good because I was a bit of a blog noob, then slowly learnt more.


I would say that you should definitely have segments on your blog. As you can see I have Serial Killer Sunday and Wishing on a Wednesday.This gets you into the flow of posting regularly, which is another really important thing, making sure you post regularly, this makes people more likely to follow your blog and check up on it. Which brings me onto my next point.

4. Making your blog easy to follow

This is probably an obvious one, but you'll be surprised how many times I've gone on a blog and found no way of being able to be notified when they post something new! I'd recommend registering your blog with bloglovin', and also giving your blog the ability to subscribe by email which you can do using this website.

5. Look at other blogs

Again, I feel like this might be an obvious one but trust me, it helps. Have a look at the layout of other blogs to get inspiration for your own, have a look at the sidebar to see if there's any way to get more involved in the blogging community (look at the badges, if there's a community thing going on, it's most likely going to be in there). The sidebar also gives you ideas what to put in yours, if it's a book blog, put in your favourite books. You don't have to do everything every blog does, do what you want to do, and DON'T copy other blogs, but use them to get inspiration. 

6. Design, Design, Design!

This ties in with looking at other blogs, but some people may not be able to create their own design, or are able to but too lazy (like me) so here are a few sites that do backgrounds/templates as well as badges and social media buttons!

It's up to you how you want it go, whether you want a banner or not, there's instructions on each of these sites on how to install on both blogger and wordpress! Some other things you might find useful are the HTML code colours and Reaction GIF's  just incase you want to add a little bit of funny to your posts!

7. Get involved in the community

This is something that I didn't really do until very recently but it's definitely something that makes blogging more fun and enjoyable and gets your blog noticed! There are a few things I know about that I haven't done myself but I will share them with you as well.

Firstly, comment on other people's blogs! You know you would love to get a comment and even the big bloggers do! Join in with the conversation, let them know that they helped you in some way!

Secondly, get involved in segments that other blogs post, always link back to the blog that hosts it of course, a good example of this is "Top Ten Tuesday" hosted by The Broke and the Bookish , they have a page on their blog which explains how to get involved and each week if you write a post you can link your post on their blog, it's that simple to get your blog out there!

Finally, you can also guest post on another blog or have another blog guest post for you. I've never done this myself but it sound's to me like a great way to get involved with other bloggers! You could also interview other bloggers too. But, if you decide to ask, don't worry if you get let down, try to be as polite as possible when asking.

8. Ideas

I understand how easy it is to run out of ideas, so whenever you have an idea make sure you write it down somewhere, whether it be on a note on your phone, or on the blogger app and save it as a draft... Just make sure you write it somewhere! I use the notes on windows 7 to write down all my ideas, keep track of books I need to review and things like that. But if you're stuck here's two posts (one for book blogs and one for any blogs) that are full of ideas!

I'd also recommend checking out these two segments on two other blogs that feature tips and tricks, they both were incredibly helpful for me:

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