Meeting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black!

4:00 PM

Yes, that's right. Yesterday I went to an event in Liverpool to meet Cassandra Clare and Holly black! I have read the first two of the mortal instruments and it wasn't my thing and I hadn't read anything by Holly black *shame* but I wasnt about to let this opportunity go by without getting some books signed (plus Ren is kinda obsessed with Cassandra Clare).

The Venue

So first we got there about 5.30pm and there was already a bit of a queue even though the doors didn't open till 6.00pm! It was in a different venue to Waterstones because of the amount of people in there so it was in this cute little place called West Africa House.

View from outside
Selfie whilst waiting to go inside! Me in the middle, Ren to the right and Hannah to the left.
So we had to wait outside for a bit, the queue kept growing and we were getting excited, the man at the door kept looking like he was going to open it but then didn't, such a tease! When we finally got inside we were on the front row!

This is how close we were, I literally felt like I was just sat with some friends, but with amazing American accents of course!

The venue was super pretty with lots of lights and it just looked so fancy and modern, we were talking about how nice of a venue it would be to have a wedding.

Here we are, taking some shameless selfies waiting for them to come down the stairs, we knew exactly where they were and kept seeing Holly's bright blue hair bobbing along upstairs and finally... The wait was over.

They were super nice and extremely funny, they took a lot of questions and made us laugh a lot and can you believe they were wearing the same dress? How cute is that! Someone asked a question about booktube and Cassandra Clare mentioned Christine (Polandbananabooks) and there was a lot of chatting and it was just such a great atmosphere and I'm so glad I went. So, what did I get signed? 

Obviously I got the iron trial signed because that was the whole point of the event, I got city of bones signed for Ren because you were only allowed one additional book signed after the iron trial. Then I got Holly Black to sign this bind up of lots of authors short stories! She signed her own story of course and for those of you wondering the book is called "My True Love gave to me". It was in waterstones and Holly said "How have you got this?! Are they selling it downstairs? It's not out in the UK yet" so maybe that wasn't meant to be out yet but, I'm glad it was and I got to get it signed!

Have you been to any author signings recently?

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