My Local Bookshop: Books are my Bag Campaign

8:06 PM

I saw that books are my bag is running again this year (starting today Infact) and I wanted to join in with sharing my local bookshop!

For those of you that don't know, I live in the north-west of England in a small town in-between Manchester and Liverpool. Unfortunately, my town is so small that it doesn't have a Waterstones or a WHSmith but what it does have is the most adorable independent bookshop ever and I just love visiting it. It's only a ten minute bus ride from my house and it is called "Curiosity Bookshop"

Inside, sorry for bad quality this was the image on their website.
Front view, taken from my bus ride home from uni

I pass this bookshop every day on my ride home from university and it has been there for as long as I can remember. I remember visiting with my Nan when I was younger and my mum, of course, and just absolutely loving the shop. They have an upstairs with all sorts of bargains and price cuts, they have the latest books at the back and they have really cheap classics and philosophy. Of course, my favourite section is where all the Psychology books are!

The thing that makes me sad about this bookshop is that it's nearly always empty, every time i go in there is hardly anyone there, but I love this shop, and I want to show my appreciation for it. The people who work there are really lovely as well, always kind and helpful and really chatty. They will also order you in any book you want, they have been my life saver on a piece of coursework that I forgot to order a textbook on! 

Curiousity Bookshop is just a beautiful, cute and affordable independent bookshop and it would really sadden me if anything happened to this place. So, I wanted to share the love I have for this bookshop and how much I appreciate it's existence.

What's your local bookshop? 

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  1. This post makes me jealous for two reasons. First, you live in England! Second, your local bookstore sounds wonderful. There aren't any indies near my house, so I'm always envious of bloggers who talk about their favorite small shops. I hope on your behalf that Curiosity Bookshop doesn't close - it looks adorable (despite the grainy picture, haha!) and the people sound so nice.

    1. I live in the north though like jon snow! :P I wish I lived nearer to London :( and aw thank you for such a nice comment! I do love it and it would sadden me if it closed, it's really nice to go to and I wish more people went there :(

  2. What a lovely tribute to your local bookshop.