Current Top 5 Booktubers!

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I'm sure a lot of you wonderful bookish people also watch the wonderful world of booktube over on youtube, and if you don't... where have you been?! Booktube is essentially the corner of youtube that books are discussed; hauls, reviews, to be reads and much more are made into videos!

I wanted to share my current top five booktubers, I will be honest, this doesn't change much, and these are people that are very active on booktube, post videos a lot and that whenever they post a video, I will always watch it, I literally won't miss one! So, lets get started.

Ren doesn't always make videos about books, she makes videos about beauty, vlogs and sketches... She puts a hell of a lot of effort into her videos, I really enjoy watching them and anything that she buys, she's so original in her content and I could just listen to her talk for ages (because her accent is wonderful, lets face it). She reads a wide range of books, from The Mortal Instruments to Stephen King, she never fails to keep you interested. I genuinely think she deserves more subscribers! Above I have chosen a video from a book signing she went to (with me) and it just showed her excitement and enthusiasm about books. So go check her out!

Meg is a lovely human being. I've had the pleasure of meeting her when me, her and a couple of other bookish friends went to a Rainbow Rowell signing! Her videos are always really good, she makes sure she has a consistent amount of videos and I always find myself clicking on them even if she's reviewed a book I've read and haven't liked! I always value her opinion and think that it's really similar to my taste (she bought me Forbidden and that book is AMAZING). Plus she lives creepily close to me, so much so that I actually went to a college in her town (yay for close book friends!)

I'm sure you have all heard of Regan if you have ventured into the world of booktube, she makes me laugh quite a lot, she's so down to earth and I want her accent please. She reads quite a lot of fantasy which I like because this is the genre I've been trying to get into, but she does read lots of other genres as well! She does a series called "Regan Recommends..." where she recommends books from a specific genre which is my favourite thing, I wish more people would do this!

1. She has a Welsh accent, 2. She's pretty like a little pixie. You're sold right? I thought so. I love Sarah, I can't help but watch her videos because she's just so lovely and the Welsh accent is actually one of my all time favourite accents, up there with Irish! I could just listen to her talk constantly. You can tell how much she loves books, she gets so excited when she gets a book she wants and she reads like a mad woman, she puts me to shame. But she's definitely one of my favourites!

She is hi-lar-ious. She makes books the most entertaining thing to watch on youtube, seriously, she adds so much to her videos all the music and effects and it just works! she gets so excited about books which is something I adore in booklovers, she makes really original content related to books such as her "Avoiding Spoilers 101" video which was so funny but BE WARNED IT HAS A SPOILER FOR ALLEGIENT. If there is only one person you want to watch on booktube, it has to be Christine, I just love her.

So what about you, do you watch booktube? Do you prefer reading blogs or watching videos? Let me know if you want a blog version of this post down below!

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  1. I've never actually gone onto YouTube and watched any booktubers. Until a few months ago, I didn't even know there was such a thing. That's got to be far harder than traditional blogging, for starters, most of them wouldn't probably be filming in pyjamas or with birdsnest hair, that's one luxury traditional bloggers have. I personally couldn't do it. I can barely stay on track leaving comments. Like even now, I mention birdsnest and thinking I probably need a hair cut, but will need to get one before Chrsitmas. Now I'm thinking of Christmas. Me filming one of those? Disastrous!

    Thanks for sharing Becks, going to check these girls out <3

    1. I actually attempted this for a while but when I discovered blogging in July, I just wanted to do this! I love it so much more and like you say, you can do it in your pj's, with your hair a mess and no one will know! I also need a haircut, my hair is getting too long! :(

      You really should check them out! I love watching book hauls, but maybe it's bad for my wishlist :P