Bookish Gift Guide!

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Let's face it, buying gifts can sometimes be a gigantic pain! Especially when you have a book friend who owns a hell of a lot of books and you don't know what to buy them or if they'll already own the book (not everybody has an amazon wishlist!). So I've compiled a guide of things that you could buy a booklover who may have every book or even if you just want to treat yourself. I spent quite a long time on this post so I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that it helps you at this holiday season, when it comes to birthdays, you can always use it too!

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long post.


I'm sure that for a lot of you, you have already thought about this one but you want to get something a bit different, something that they will really love. So I have a couple of suggestions for you on this one! 

First off is a little shop on etsy called craftedvan, I have actually
ordered bookmarks from this shop and they are so incredibly well made I was so impressed! They came all the way from Canada to me in jolly old England and they only took a week! They were so well packaged they looked like they had come from a shop, there was no damage whatsoever and they are just so cute! The magnet is really good it doesn't ruin the pages but it sticks on really well, they haven't fell apart at all (and I carry my book on my commute to university) so I'm super impressed! they have a really wide range of book marks on there from Pokemon to Harry Potter to adorable little raindrops! And the best part is, if there are certain ones that you want from different packs they can make a custom pack! Upon buying you write in the note which five you want and they put them all in a pack just for you! This is exactly what I did and I loved that I had this pack and that it was especially for me, they are really reasonably priced as well! So I'd definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Second one I want to mention is actually a shop from a wonderful booktuber called Emily. She started up her own bookmark shop called SimplyEmilysDesigns on etsy and she is so incredibly talented! I would highly recommend checking out all of her designs as she's recently put up some Christmas related bookmarks! But I'm looking for something different here so there is one I want to mention in particular and that is her Personalized Bookmarks, this is literally the best idea ever, I am big on things being personalized and customisable so as soon as I heard that she was doing these, I had to get one! After you have checked out you have to fill in a google form which asks you questions about your favourite books, movies, hobbies, colour, etc. It also asks what name you want in the middle of the bookmark and she puts all of this stuff together and makes a beautiful bookmark just for you! I absolutely love this idea and think that it would make an absolutely perfect gift for any book lover (assuming you know them well enough to know the kind of things they like) I didn't order mine that long ago so I'm yet to receive it but I have never been so excited about a bookmark before, you should definitely check her out!


Next we have bags. I do have a couple of websites for this one and a certain artist who I will probably mention for the majority of these categories (she's amazing though, trust me) and even though I have not purchased all of this stuff myself I really wanted to show it all just so that you guys have a wide range of ideas out there.

First off we have the amazingly talented artist, who I can not express enough you should go and check out, called RisaRodil. If you have not heard of her before she has done a lot of poster and t-shirt work for John Green over on the website DFTBA. The reason she is in this category is because my lovely boyfriend, Alex, got me one of her totebags from her redbubble store as a early Christmas present and I am so incredibly happy and pleased with how beautifully made it is and how well the design has come out onto the totebag that I just had to mention her in this post (yes I'm in love with her work, help). The design that I got was her book thief design and I got the medium sized tote bag and it is so much bigger than I expected, I could literally carry my laptop in it if I wanted to, the material is so thick and so durable, I think this is absolutely perfect. She does lots of designs for lots of fandoms and she is just the most incredible and the most talented person ever (fangirl right here). This would be an incredible gift for any book lover because lets face it, most of us are going to need something to carry our books in, and who doesn't want to show off their favourite fandom or their love for books?! I know I do, so you should definitely go and check her out.

The second one is a little bit pricey, but if you are a boyfriend buying for your girlfriend this could definitely be one to get you up
in the incredibly good books. These are handbags and clutches that are made from real books. The shop that I found on etsy is called Bagsymefirst which is a really creative name! Obviously from the price you can assume rightly that I have not actually purchased this for myself so am unaware of the quality of these bags but like I said, I want to give you a few options and this is one that could get you right up there! These bags look so incredibly beautiful, they're made from real books and they just look so pretty and I just want to drool over them all day, that's weird right.


Ah yes, clothes. The thing that everybody needs but that can be tricky if you don't know someones size and don't want to offend. But anyway, if it's someone close to you or even for yourself this is a classic and one that more people should do.

Yes, I'm mentioning her again. RisaRodil. Her designs are also really good for T-shirts! Especially her lettering designs, they look
really beautiful and this is definitely one that I'd want to have myself. You can buy her t-shirts from various sites; DFTBARedbubble, Society6 and Tee Public, they are not the only clothing that she has though, on Redbubble you can get vest tops, hoodies, sweatshirts and more. So you should definitely check out her beautiful work for a chance to really put a smile on a book lovers face!

Etsy has such an insanely wide range of books that I thought the best way to do it would to be to show you images of my favourite finds and if you click on the image it'll take you to the shop! Etsy can definitely be an amazing place for book lovers, there are so many things on there, very quirky and unique and if your friend loves the book I guarantee there is something on etsy with it on!

Special Editions

If your friend loves a classic then when it comes to special editions you are spoilt for choice! Penguin are usually the lovely people that bring out amazing editions of books. One of my favourites are there
clothbound editions which can be found on most book places including Amazon, Waterstones and the Penguin website. They are beautiful and well worth the money, if you know what your friend or family members favourite classic is then they will definitely love you for getting them one of these beauties. Or if you know that your book lover isn't a fan of hardcovers then you could try the Penguin English Library editions which are just as beautiful but in a nice paperback version and can also be found on the websites listed above. I don't own either of these editions myself but I have eyed them up in shops, stroked them several times, and would love to have one myself so as a fellow book lover I say, go get them!

Another beautiful edition of classics are the puffin chalk editions, I myself own three of these bad boys; Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and they are so beautiful I can't stress, the colours are so vivid and they really do look like a chalkboard. For extra effect the pages on the side are actually different sizes and it's just so beautiful and I love them so much, they're one of my favourite books in terms of how beautiful they are. These can also be found on Amazon.

Now these next editions of books can be pretty expensive, in waterstones they are around £20 depending on what book you
want, but oh my god they are absolutely gorgeous, they are the Barnes and Noble Leatherbounds. I have two of these myself; Grimms Fairytales and Hans Christian Anderson Fairytales which I will treasure for my entire life and hopefully one day read them to my children. The pictures of these books really don't do them justice. The edges of the pages are golden which means that when the books closed all the pages are gold, they're big and bulky and look just like the books you see in old movies (or if you're sad like me, in beauty and the beast) and it would make the perfect gift for any book lover out there, I guarantee they will love you forever. These can be found in Waterstones and on Amazon.

Bookish Gadgets

You're probably thinking, what is she on about; gadgets for a book? Well there are actually a couple that you may be surprised at and could actually find useful yourself. I won't list them all because this post is going to end up being record breaking at this rate but I'll give you some inspiration. First up we have a book light, simple and cheap, a cute addition if you want to buy this person a book and then add this on as a little extra, this is for those that love to read at night time or all snuggled under their duvet like a little tent (we all know we've done it at some point) I haven't got one of these myself yet but I do really want one because I am one of those people that read at night! I picked this incredibly quirky one that comes in a range of colours and slips on one of the pages in the book, click the image to go buy it and see the rest of the colours!

Next up we have a book page holder, yes this is the simplest gadget to ever walk the earth but I know these struggles, especially because I normally read in bed, lying down. This is basically a little contraption that you put your thumb into and it holds the book open so you can hold it nicely with one hand without the worry of the pages turning over on you, pretty cool if I do say so myself! Click the picture to go buy it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I was going to make it a hell of a lot longer but I decided that this was a good decent length and would give you all some ideas for yourself or a book lover friend/family member! Have a great christmas and hope you all get lots of books!

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  1. I pretty much had a bookgasm just reading this post. You had me at the Alice in Wonderland bookmarks. You know how hard they are to find. Most of the crafty ones look really dodgy, but those are super cute! Going to grab some as soon as her Etsy store comes back online.

    I've got that Mighty Bright book light. They're pretty good actually. Batteries last for ages, the only issue I've had with two of mine now is the off / on button. For some reason they tend to come loose and pop off. The dog ate the first one and I couldn't switch it off. They have there timer lights now, if you only want to read say, half an hour per night, you set the timer and the booklight switches itself off. I haven't tried mine yet. PUFFIN CHALK! *swoons* I'm just starting to collect those now, I have all the clothbound and thread editions too. This post will be death of me Becks, those B & N editions!

    Brilliant post Becks, it really IS the perfect bookish gifting guide <3

    1. Yes I agree it can be really difficult! I'd actually seen craftedvan on recommendation and I just needed them in my life, I'll do a full review and show the ones I've got soon! :D

      I really really want a book light because I love reading at night! and I have three puffin chalk and they make me want to drool especially the B&N editions oh my god

      Thank you! :DD