Swatch and Review: Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo's

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Note: The Color Tattoo with a different packaging is from a different country.
Welcome to my very first beauty related post! I was thinking about what kinds of things I look for on beauty blogs and what it is that I find helpful. Therefore, I decided to do a Swatch and Review series! I will show you the color in as many ways as I can in order to give you a good idea of what the colour is like as well as a review of my opinions of the product. For my first Swatch and Review I have decided to do... Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo's.
Before I get into what I think about the product, I will show you the swatches and shades that I own. As you can see by the picture above I own 9 shades altogether, 2 of which are "leather effect" colours. Please Note, the names of the colours may change depending on where you get it from, I know that in America the colours have different names so I have also included the number.

First we have 70 - Metallic Pomegranate. Probably my second favourite of the shades, a beautiful plum/burgundy colour, absolutely perfect for the autumn/winter!

Next we have 35 - On and On Bronze. My favourite shade of them all by far, absolutely essential for those who have blue eyes like me (it makes them really pop!) perfect for both night and day all year round!

Next we have 65 - Pink Gold. A beautiful shimmery pink colour, a well loved shade in the spring and summer, it's perfect to make your eyes look incredibly girly without trying at all!

 Here we have 45 - Infinite White. This is a shade which I like to wear underneath other eyeshadows if I really want them to shimmer and pop! It's really good for a brow and inner corner highlight too.

This is one of the Leather Effect Eyeshadows in 97 - Vintage Plum. This is a really nice dark plum colour with no shimmer whatsoever, I really like this both on its own and with other colours, a really good wintery shade!

This is 300 - Gold Shimmer. I think that this is actually an American Shade, the packaging is different and my mum got it for me for christmas so I'm assuming she got it on the internet. This is very similar to on and on bronze but more gold, it's so beautiful, it makes blue eyes stand out like a dream!

This is 40 - Permanent Taupe. This isn't a leather effect eyeshadow but it is similar in texture and the fact that it is matte. I do really like this as a base shade as well as on it's own, a really simple shade but really effective.

Next we have another Leather Effect in 98 - Creamy Beige. For some people this would probably be the perfect base and it may be close to their skin tone, but for me it's a simple chuck on eyeshadow to give my eyes some definition as I am way too pale to match this! Really love it regardless.

The latest addition is 87 - Mauve Crush. This is a beautiful Lilac/Silver/Blue, can you tell how good I am at describing colours? I really love this colour, it's so pretty and looks really nice against my skin tone!

Overall, I really love these eyeshadows, they're incredibly easy to apply even for beginners, they're so pigmented and have a really wide range of shades (I want more!). These last all day on me and I have incredibly oily eyelids, they don't crease and are a must have for any makeup lover!

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  1. Congratulations on the new feature! I have absolutely zero expertise with putting on make up (apart from eye pencil and mascara), but these eye shadows look absolutely gorgeous. Love how you took pictures on how it looks on your skin every time :)

    1. Thank you! I swatched them on my hand because I know that is what I look for whenever I've looking for eyeshadows, you want to see them properly! :P Thanks for stopping by :D

  2. I'm a fan of the smokey eye and having dark brown eyes, wear a lot of greys and silvers usually. As I get older, I find the bright colours look far too young for me, but the Taupe is absolutely lovely and would probably suit my light skin tone. Loving this new feature Becks. can't wait until you get around to liquid eyeliners (I hope...), I still struggle with getting that crisp line and have to stick to pencil usually.

    1. I love brown eyeshadow the most because I have blue eyes I just think it makes them pop! and I bet you look lovely no matter what you wear :D and oh I always get complimented on my liquid eyeliner because I do a flick at the end! Thank you :D

  3. I love the smokey eye look but I can never quite get it right. Maybe if I wore makeup more than once every 4 months I would get the hang of it haha! Great view feature to mix things up a bit! :)

    1. Haha! Yes it definitely comes with practice! I wear eye makeup most days but only wear face makeup when I go a party or something like that! and thank you :D

  4. wow these colors are so beautiful