Lookbook Loves #1

4:00 AM

Happy February! Hope you all had a good start to the year, I have to admit I haven't had a good 2015 so far, but the only way is up, right? I decided to start the month with a fashion feature! So I'm slightly new into the whole fashion game but for the past few years I've just really loved clothes. I think it came along with my new found confidence as before I just wore tshirts and jeans - now I'm experimenting with skirts/dresses/crop tops and more! I wanted to bring fashion into my blog so I decided that I would show some of the outfits on lookbook that I've really loved recently! I don't claim to own any of these, but I thought it would be a little bit of inspiration. I'm not sure how often I will do this but I thought it was a bit different.

Model: Lua P (Click here to go to her blog)

Links she provided:
Jumper from NastyGal

Other Links:
Similar Jumper on Romwe (Purple)
Similar Jumper on ASOS (Pink or Grey)
Similar Jumper on ASOS (Light blue to Dark Blue)

Similar Shorts in H&M
Similar Shorts ASOS
Similar Shorts New Look

Black Tights

Model: Flávia D (Click here to go to her blog)

Links she provided:
Top from ohkei
Bag from Blackfive
Skirt from Forever21
Glasses from ZeroUV
Shoes from CocaCola

Other Links:
Similar Skirt from Boohoo
Similar Skirt from Boohoo Option 2

Similar Glasses from New Look

I hope you enjoyed this post! I love discovering new fashion inspiration! What's your fashion love at the moment?

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  1. I love these Becks! That skull print is to die for! I've gone through that many fashion trends, but at the moment I'm back to basics and love a skinny leg rip jean with a tighter, funky t. For me, skirts aren't practical and at my age no one wants to see that. LOL.

    I love the ombre look as well. That's one style that made a resurgence from the nineties. That one isn't a great cut though, I can't imagine I'd wash up too well. The more I look at that skull top, the more I want it. I'm going to have to try to source on in Australia.

    Hopefully February is a much better month Becks and I can't wait to see more Lookbook Loves <3

    1. I really want that skull print too! I really love the combination of skulls and roses, especially because roses are my favourite flower, in love <3 and I have also been into ripped jeans recently! Very stylish Kelly ;) and I'm sure you'd look lovely in a skirt! :P

      I do like ombre, but I prefer it more subtle, I'm actually hoping to ombre my hair soon! :D I want the ends to be like a golden blonde

      Thank you so much <3

  2. Oh wow I freaking love these! Like really that skull shirt - I must have! I love her style as a whole, too. Love Lua's hair and she's so pretty!!

    1. Same! I wish I could pull off hair like that!