Top Ten Bookish Problems

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Well I haven't done one of these in a very long time and as all the posts I am currently working on are going to take a while I thought I would do a quick Top Ten Tuesday to keep you all with posts to read! This weeks is Top Ten Bookish Problems! So lets get started.

1. Buying more books when you already have 834832492094 to read. - we all know we are guilty of this one.

2. Getting into a comfortable reading position - Sometimes I feel like I should take up gymnastics of some kind from the weird and wonderful positions I get my body into

3. Slumps - Lets face it we all get into reading slumps and it's a pain in the arse when you do, I JUST WANT TO READ GOD DAMMIT.

4. Having more than one edition of a book because you HAD to have the pretty cover - Yep, I know I do.

5.  That feeling when you finish a book and you loved it so much you just look for all the merch to fill the void - I've done this with the book thief recently, I now own a book thief phone case and bag as well as a sticker on my laptop.

6. Reconsidering friendships when someone says they didn't like your favourite book - I mean, I'd never dump a friend who didn't like it but... WHY IT'S SO GOOD.

7. Having to decide whether or not you should read one of the review copies you have or your own book - But I really want to read this book I just got even though I have like 5 review copies I said I would read.

8. Being unable to walk into a bookshop/charity shop without buying a book - The shame.

9. Non-readers never understand your obsession - What do you mean my books are all over the floor? Where else am I gonna put them when my bookshelf is full? Yes, I do need another book, No I haven't read all the books I own.

10. When the book is too big to fit in your bag - I have taken to desperate measures and used a bigger bag just for this purpose, I needed to know what was going to happen next!

I hope you enjoyed reading this bookish problems! I had lots of fun writing it and I hope you relate to some of these... Or maybe It's just me!

What are your bookish problems?

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  1. YES. YES to all of this, especially the last one. I have a very important rule that I always follow - I can't own a bag unless it's big enough to fit a normal-sized book. Honestly, I have absolutely no use for a tiny purse that can't fit reading material. I struggle with #9 too - it's so difficult to understand how non-readers aren't as obsessed with books as you are. That's why I started blogging - so I would have people to talk to who WOULD understand.

    1. Good to see i am not alone in this! and yes that is one of many reasons why I started blogging! People don't say "eugh why've you bought another book" people say "what've you bought?!"

  2. Nice list of book related problems!! It's so true that non-readers so don't understand your obession!! Here's a link to my TTT for the week: