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Something a bit different for you! If you didn't know I have my helix pierced which is the top part of my ear, I have it pierced in a way so that hoops suit it better than studs as this is what I loved and have always wanted, though I do have some studs and they can look okay it's quite hard to see the stud. Anyway, as when I first got my helix pierced all I had was the circular barbell which he pierced the ear with, and as the size of the hole is 1.2mm it meant that none of my ordinary earrings would be able to go in. So I scoured the internet for some websites and found ouchbodyjewellery and decided to make an order, I wanted to share my experience with you all so that you can make a decision as to whether or not to order from this website but I have to say, I'm impressed.

I will start by breaking down exactly what I ordered along with links and prices. For newbies the gauge is the thickness of the actual earring, i.e. the part that will be going inside your ear, sometimes they are in mm and sometimes in G, 1.2mm = 16G so if you ever get them from somewhere else you are aware. The size is the actual size of the hoop depending on whether you want it close to your ear or dangling down i.e. how big the earring is. Please note that the earrings themselves are quite small so it has been quite difficult to get a decent picture with my iphone but I hope it gives you an idea.

Link: Here
Price: £5.50
Gauge: 1.2mm
Size: 8mm

A really simple earring, which I am pictured wearing at the start of the post, if you are a beginner I highly recommend getting a hinged ring rather than a segment ring, a hinged ring is basically where the part which closes is still attached to the ring where as a segment ring a small part of the ring will come out and you'll have to put it back
in which can be trickier! I was incredibly impressed with the quality of this ring and thing it looks great in my ear! I'm definitely going to have to get their gold version of this. It doesn't itch at all, really comfortable, can barely feel it's there!

Link: Here
Price: £2.95
Gauge: 1.2mm
Size: 6mm
Gem Colour: Lilac

For the price of this I am so incredibly shocked at the quality, the gem is absolutely gorgeous and it looks so pretty. However, as this was sort of an experiment on size and I am fairly new to helix, I think this size is way too small, I would recommend at least going for 7mm maybe even 8mm because the ball is so small it's almost impossible to do, though I will probably get better with practice but for now I can't try this one out! It's still really beautiful though and I can't wait to be able to.

Link: Here
Price: £5.95
Gauge: 1.2mm
Size: 7mm
Gem Colour: Turquoise

This picture does not do the gemstone justice, it is an absolutely stunning colour and it stands out so well against the gold, I wore this around christmas and got so many compliments on it! As this is the next size up from my previous one it was easier to grab hold of the ball and get it out, though to make it easier for myself i purchased ring opening pliers which allows you to easily stretch the ring out slightly so that the ball is easier to get in and out, be careful though you don't want to do it too much a then you'll have to close the ring again as the ball would be too lose. I can't get over how nice this is and how nice it looks in, highly recommend you go with one of these/

Link: Here
Price: £2.95
Gauge: 1.2mm
Size: 7mm
Ball Diameter: 3mm
Colour: Rainbow

This looks insanely awesome when in the ear, it confused me a little about how it goes in but both of the balls can be unscrewed so it's best to take both of the balls off and do it that way, I think I chose the perfect size and ball size for where my piercing is. However, this is definitely a "day time only" sort of piercing as it's really uncomfortable to sleep on, but if you don't mind changing your earring at night or only sleeping on one side it's definitely worth it! How awesome does the rainbow steel look?!

Link: Unfortunately I couldn't find this on the website anymore, feel free to keep an eye out incase it comes back!
Price: £8.95
Gauge: 1.2mm
Size: 6mm

I'm sorry that this is no longer available on the website, but if you desperately want one I have found it on another website for only £3.95, click here! Though I can't guarantee it will be as nice or as good a quality of mine. This is just beautiful, unfortunately the size of the bar was a bit small but it didn't matter so much to me as I already had a longer one that I had gotten from claires accessories. I really like how this looked in my ear, it looks so much more expensive than it is and in my opinion worth the money!

Overall, I was super impressed with the range on this website as well as the vast amount of choices of colour and size. It's not just helix piercings, it has every type of piercing on there! I was incredibly impressed with how fast my order was processed and sent off and the quality of the earrings is fantastic for the price, they haven't hurt or itched my ear at all, I've actually made another order on this website so let me know if you want to see what I got! I can't recommend this website enough!

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    1. It's definitely the coolest one I own!

  2. I'm so tempted to have my helix pierced! The lilac gem is absolutely beautiful, lovely review :)
    Rebecca // xx

    1. I would recommend it! Though you have to be willing to put in the care, it can be sore for a long time but you just have to be patient, I'm so glad I got it done, I want my tragus done next!