Giveaway: 10,000 views on my blog!

12:00 AM

That is right! I reached 10,000 views on my blog! And I think that this is a perfect time for my to do my first ever giveaway! I decided to go with an amazon voucher so everyone, no matter what you read my blog for whether it be books, makeup or psychology can enjoy it as well as I only need your email address to send you the voucher which makes things much easier. I'm sorry that the prize is a small price but I'm a poor student, give me a break! You can do some entries more than once (once a day) and if it's something that you need to do more on, you get more entries! The giveaway will close exactly one month from today (22nd of April 2015). The only rules are that you must be following my blog on either bloglovin', email, google + or blogger, other than that the rest of the entries are a bonus!

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