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Well, this is definitely a huge deal for me, considering I am a bit of a cheapskate and usually the thing i'm willing to spend a bit more money on is skincare (because we need to look after our skin!) but with mine and Alex's 3 year anniversary he gave me some money to treat myself to some mac products! I used it to get a lipstick and lipliner and then I bought myself a paint pot! I now own four mac products as my lovely friend Anna had bought me coral bliss for my last birthday and got me wanting more! I thought I would show you what I got because I love reading these sorts of posts myself.

This was what I went into mac for, a lipstick. I had four set in my head that I wanted (Velvet Teddy, Syrup, Twig and Craving incase you were wondering) and at first I went to the actual mac shop and they were out of all of them. Oh the horror! But then I went to Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar (if you live in or around the Liverpool area and haven't been, seriously you need to go it's amazing) and they had both Craving and Syrup in, I tried them both and landed with Craving. Below is a swatch of it below the lip liner that I purchased just so you have a comparison, as you can see the lip liner is a lot more pinkey but they go beautifully together and both seperately. First impressions, it goes on incredibly smooth, lasts a long time especially ontop of the lip liner, looks incredible against my pale skin, so if you pale people out there, you need this in your life! But I just think this would look great on all skin tones, its a beautiful sort of berry red even though it looks more orange on my hand swatch (how strange.) I love mac lipsticks, I think they are 100% worth the money especially if you want to treat yourself, I look forward to wearing this on an outing for my friends birthday on friday!

For this purchase I blame the woman at the counter entirely, she got out craving for me and after telling her I wanted it she said "you know what would look perfect with that" and then she swatched this lip liner on my hand, then again with craving on top and I just fell in love. She then showed me how great it looks under all sorts of colours and I just knew I needed this in my life, so these first two were technically my anniversary present from Alex! First impressions are that it will never come off as soon as I'd swatched them on my hands and tried to wash it off it just would not budge which is fantastic and it just looks beautiful under so many of my lipsticks I can't even.

This I have wanted to purchase myself for a very long time but just haven't gotten round to it, recently my nars eyeshadow primer had run out (which is amazing and I have had for 2 years and used every single day) and as I am in the incredibly oily eyelids category, I took this opportunity to see if there was anything else that I could try out and see how it works. I haven't tried this on my eyelids yet so I can't tell you my first impressions but I feel like this will last an incredibly long time and can't wait to try it out.

I suppose you could say I am a somewhat Mac newbie! So if you have any recommendations for products/shades please let me know and then I can add them to my evergrowing list of wants! Also if there are any products you don't like I'd also love to know about that too!

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  1. I've heard so much about Painterly Paint Pot! I hope you make the most out of these and enjoy them! I've been too afraid to venture into the MAC world but I'll have to one day!

    1. It is amazing! It matches my skin tone really well and helps keep my eyeshadow on all day :D And I have only just ventured! Find it hard to go back now!