Makeup Haul and Swatches!

12:00 AM

MAC Limited Edition Cinderella Lipstick in Free as a Butterfly
I couldn't believe how quickly all of the Cinderella stuff sold out on MAC and I was gutted because I am obsessed with Disney, and have recently become obsessed with MAC so I really wanted something from the collection. I liked the look of both of the lipsticks as well as the eyeshadow palette, but everything sold out quickly and no surprise, it sold out quickly in store too. But! To my surprise they actually restocked some things! I managed to get the free as a butterfly lipstick and they were sold out again not long later, I know that this is probably like 70% a packaging buy but I really like the lipstick, I've been wearing it ontop of a Rimmel Lipliner called East End Snob as well as some other lipsticks that I want to make slightly paler, I really want Royal Ball but I'm glad I managed to get this one.

MAC Lipstick in Twig
If you saw my previous MAC Haul you will know that one of the lipsticks I wanted to get was this one and that both of the stores had sold out of it, apparantly it is an incredibly popular shade. So whilst I was making my purchase for the Cinderella lipstick, I had a look to see if it was in stock and it was and I have to say, I think that this is now my favourite lipstick that I own, I really love how it looks on my skin and it's a perfect everyday shade and can also be dressed up with a smokey eye for night!
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Gilt By Association
I swatched the gold, black and both of the shadows mixed together below. As you can see the gold is gorgeous and the black is perfect for smokey eyes and together they make the most gorgeous glittering brown colour. I actually got this at the Cheshire oaks outlet village for £10! Can you believe it! My mum actually picked it up for me and said "this is nice" because we both like similar eyeshadow colours, browns and golds as well as navy's. I can't thank her enough for finding this, I'm in love.

MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque
Another steal that I got for £10 from the Cheshire oaks outlet village! I found this one myself and just think it would look beautiful alone on the lid as well as underneath other colours and I was right! I've worn it twice now since I've got it and think it's going to look especially gorgeous in the summer, it's so subtle but so nice!
L'oreal Lumiere Eyeshadow in 500
I got this eyeshadow around Christmas time because I was wearing a burgundy coloured dress and thought that this along with a berry lip would work perfect and I was right! It is beautifully pigmented and even more so when its wet! It's so soft and buttery and I think it's going to last such a long time, I love it.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
This eyeshadow was on sale for £10 on beauty bay and as I have heard that a lot of people adore this colour I decided that I would get it, as I already own the naked 3 palette and know that I love urban decay eyeshadows I just needed to see if I liked the colour. And I do, it's probably the most gorgeous packaging I have ever seen for a single eyeshadow, it's a beautiful colour and I enjoy wearing it on days I'm in university just to give my eyes that effortless look and I also love wearing it in my inner corner, so beautiful!
So thats it for my makeup haul! I have collected these over a few months and had took pictures but wanted to show you all in one go so that you had a couple of things to look at, I hope you enjoyed!

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