One Year Blog Anniversary!

5:50 PM

Today is my one year blogaversary! I know you are most likely wondering where I have been recently. For those of you that don't follow me on instagram you won't know that I recently got a job! Even though it's a part time job, I have been doing a lot of overtime and have been exhausted in the spare time I have had. My cat of 16 years also passed away a few months ago and it hit me harder than I thought,,, But, I decided that this day may be a good time to sneak back onto the blog and see how everybody is doing! I have been thinking for a while about what to do for my blog and I really loved Kelly's blogaversary post and wanted to do something similar, after getting the okay from her, here is what I have come up with!
My biggest audience comes from the United States (5542 views), closely followed by the United Kingdom (5535 views). It's good to know my own country is high up in the ranks.

My most viewed post is my 10,000 views giveaway (232 views) proving to me how greedy you all are ;) closely followed by my Top Ten Books I Would Classify As My ALL TIME FAVOURITE BOOKS from the Past 3 Years (136 views) so least I know you are actually interested in my bookish tastes :P

I have 272 comments, which is way more than I expected, I love getting comments they make my entire day.

As I write this post my blog has 13,570 views, which is so unfathomable that my blog has been read that many times, it makes me smile every time the views go up.

I currently have published 89 posts (including this one) and have 14 drafts... oops.

My most viewed page is my about me page (255 views).

Most of you are discovering my blog through The Broke and The Bookish as I take part in their Top Ten Tuesday post.

42% of you are using Chrome as your browser to look at my blog. I use chrome too!

I have currently read 13 books this year and am 14 books behind schedule for my yearly goal of 50 books... Don't think that's happening, was a bit optimistic there. Think now is the time to change that goal to 30.

I currently have 3 books on my "Currently Reading Shelf".

The last book I rated 5 stars on Goodreads was I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga.

I have currently reviewed 21 books.

My Favourite book that I've read since having this blog has got to be Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, I always talk about this book so I'm sure you're fed up of hearing about it, but it's fantastic.

I've been really loving watching Dexter this year which I managed to finish a few months ago.

I've had a huge obsession with the crime confidential magazine which I discovered this year.

Cara Delevingne. 'Nough said.

Lilac, obsessed with Lilac.

Shaaanxo on youtube has literally been my life this year.
I want to say thank you to each and every one of you, for sticking by me, for reading my blog, for caring about what I have to say. I love and appreciate all my readers, views and comments and without them my blogging would be pretty pointless and you all make my day that little bit brighter.

What I really loved the most about this year is all the amazing blogger and instagram friends that I have managed to make, to name a few; KellyRachelSusanneAmenaHannahJessAlly and more. Who always make the experience of blogging 100000x more enjoyable, managing to make me smile everytime I speak to them.

Thank you to my amazing real life friends and boyfriend too. Such as Ren who is amazing at her youtube, has so much passion and is there for me more than anyone else.

I hope that next year I can look back at this and see how much my blog has changed, I hope that I will be able to do a massive giveaway next year and have tons of blogger friends and still be in touch with the ones I know now.

Happy blogging and Thank you. <3

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