Booktubeathon Wrap-up

1:49 PM

If you don't follow me on Instagram or Goodreads (which you totally should by the way, we can be buddies!) then you won't know how I did with the Booktubeathon! So I decided to write a little wrap-up post for you all! Altogether I managed to finish three books (and three challenges!) which I am pretty proud of as I have quite a short attention span and don't tend to read for hours and hours so was expecting to only finish one book!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
One of the challenges I wanted to complete was reading someone else's favourite book, I asked the lovely Kelly from Diva Booknerd what her favourite book was and she said Alice in Wonderland! Pictured is the back of the copy I own and I wish this was a poster because its amazing. I gave this book 5/5 stars, I really enjoyed it, it was a lot easier to read than I thought it would be, considering it was written in the 1800's, it's obvious that the book was aimed at children and in my copy there is even a letter from Lewis Carroll to children who are reading the book though I'm unsure if that's in every edition but my edition is called the Puffin Chalk Classic. Thank you Kelly for suggesting this!

Why am I scared of Everything by Bethany Straker
I have owned this book for a while now and it was kindly sent to me by the lovely author, Bethany Straker, herself. She does all the illustrations in the book as well as the writing which is amazing! This book surrounds anxiety and the thoughts that people with anxiety have on a daily basis, each page has an illustration and topic of worry that it talks about. This made me laugh a lot as well as also made me feel comforted as it made me feel less alone, knowing that other people have these kind of worries as well. This is a perfect book for people with anxiety and for people who generally worry, though I would suggest for everyone to pick this up because I guarantee you have thought about some of these at least once in your life! I gave this book 5/5 stars and this completed the challenge of reading a book with blue on the cover.

Aphorisms on Love and Hate by Friedrich Nietzsche
I own three of the Little Black classics books, if you haven't heard of these they are penguins 80p short classics by tons of authors, a great way to introduce you to an author, great little gifts, I just love them. I have always wanted to read some Nietzsche and I own his book called Beyond Good and evil but was a little reluctant to read it as I wasn't sure what his writing was like or if it was easy to understand. It's actually suprisingly easy, he broke up the topic into paragraphs so you know when hes changing what he's talking about, he writes almost as though he's sat infront of you explaining it, which I love. I really enjoyed this book it was very interesting and a great introduction to Nietzsche. I gave this 4/5 stars and this completed the challenge of not letting go of a book!

I hope you enjoyed my wrap-up! I'd love to know how you did in the booktubeathon and whether you have read any of these books.

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