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I wanted to write this review, not only due to the fact that I can tell you UK people how much it costs and my experience with the shipping but also to share my thoughts on the brushes themselves. I have had these brushes for just over 3 months now and feel am I ready to be able to give an all round opinion on them.

I bought these brushes off the xoBeauty Shop and I bought the 4 Piece Synthetic Eye Brush Set which cost $50 NZD and the shipping cost $12 NZD, this altogether is $62 NZD, in GBP I was charged £30.50, which for coming all the way from New Zealand is pretty good, and it's four eye brushes, so this would probably be similar price to the Real Techniques brushes here in the UK (which I also own). I am quite happy to pay these prices for the brushes, I think they're reasonably priced, especially once the money is converted, I was shocked at how cheap they actually are!

I was super impressed with how quickly these brushes dispatched, it was shipped the very next day after I ordered it which I was not expecting at all and was super happy with! The brushes were sent out on the 29th of May 2015 and I received them on 3rd of June 2015. I couldn't believe how quickly they came, I was expecting to have to wait weeks and weeks for them! Obviously this may vary depending on where in the UK you are (For reference I'm in the North-west of England) but still these came faster than some thing I have ordered from the UK!

I am super impressed with these, they are incredibly soft, they blend even the most annoying eyeshadows out really well and they keep pigment! That's something which can sometimes be really difficult with brushes, you can use your finger and an eyeshadow will be gorgeous but once you use a brush there's barely anything there! But these brushes help to keep that pigment, they're amazing I am super impressed! Another thing is the brand name and brush name it seems like it's not going to fade or scrub off which I love.

Cleaning and Drying
For reference, I use the Dr Bronner's Organic Almond Castile Liquid Soap to clean my brushes, I just put one drop of this in my hand and swirl the brush in it and then swirl the brush in water. This always has worked really well for me, and it comes in a lot of different smells if you don't like the smell of Almonds!

They cleaned really easily which I love (minimum effort makes me able to push myself to clean more often!) and also all the product came out which is perfect. Below is a before and after with it looking a lovely dirty brown colour back to it's brand new looking white ends, which I was super happy with.

The only thing I would say is that the brushes (like most) can take a while to dry, so make sure you have already used them for the day before cleaning them so that you give them plenty of time to dry out!

Would I Buy Them Again?
To conclude, I am absolutely in love with these brushes, they are absolutely amazing quality and seem like they will last a very long time, they have multi uses and the shipping was super quick. I will definitely be getting more of her brushes!

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  1. Thanks for the review. Ive been wanting to order them brushes for ages now. Btw did you have to pay any custom charges? X