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50 Blog Post Ideas.

1:23 PM

I don't know about you but one of the things that I struggle with a lot of the time is coming up with ideas of what to write about on my blog. So I decided to challenge myself to come up with a list of 50 blog post ideas! Hoping that this will help a lot of new and experienced bloggers and maybe even myself in the future.

1. Review a book.
2. Write about a trip/event.
3. Lookbook/Outfit of the day/week.
4. Review makeup.
5. Top 10 list; videogame, books, magazine, shops, places, anything!
6. Guest Post.
7. Interview.
8. Gift Ideas; birthdays, for him, for her, Christmas.
9. Tags.
10. Favourite places to get DLC for a certain game e.g. the sims custom content.
11. A current hot topic/affair that's happening in the world.
12. Teach about a subject; writing about something that you know a lot about, help newbies!
13. Tutorials; How-to do something.
14. Swatches of makeup.
15. Hauls; what have you bought recently? Books, videogames, stationery.
16. Tips; about anything! organisation, time management, surviving university.
17. Comparing brands; two skincare brands, two makeup brands, two clothing brands?
18. Advice post.
19. Diary post.
20. Tips about getting into certain jobs; CV advice, qualifications.
21. "what not to do" posts e.g. What to avoid when writing essays.
22. Life hacks.
23. Research; whats new in a certain area, whats the best places to read about it.
24. Review a film/ TV show.
25. Information post; an example on my blog is my serial killer Sunday.
26. Features; have something that is a big topic you can keep running e.g. psych bites
27. Myth-busting.
28. Quiz; lets face it, we all do the buzzfeed quizzes.
29. Overview; pick an event in history e.g. a war, invention and summarise it with the key points.
30. Bucket List.
31. Fictional places you'd like to visit.
32. Personal collection tour; games, books, popfigures, cards.
33. Food Recipes; especially healthy ones!
34. Summary of someone elses work; author, psychologist, scientist.
35. Pros and Cons.
36. A- Z list.
37. A Glossary; especially if your blog has some terms a layman may not understand.
38. FAQ.
39. Giveaway/Competition.
40. "For beginners" post.
41. "What I've learnt"
42. Challenges.
43. Blog anniversary; include stats like your most popular posts, your views etc.
44. "What I got for my birthday"
45. "Best websites for..."
46. DIY posts.
47. Testing tricks from pinterest/tumblr.
48. "The Ultimate Guide to..."
49. Cheat Sheet
50. Current Favourites.