Little Update!: What's happening in my life.

12:00 AM

I know that I keep disappearing and reappearing in terms of writing blog posts. So I thought it was only fitting to write a little bit of an update post to explain what is going on in my life at the moment and why I have been so busy!

So firstly, my little hamster Pavlov had sadly passed away a few weeks ago. But now I have two new members of the family! Peanut and Kiwi. They are Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters which is apparently the smallest breed of hamster in the world! They are still settling in so are very nervous but they are getting better. I'm also happy to say that in about 4 months time I will also be getting a cat! But don't worry, the little hamsters will be kept away from the cat!

In terms of university, you all know I am currently doing a PhD. It has been incredibly stressful with something that has to be done every single day and I often work right into the evening (hence the lack of posts). I have two conferences coming up that I'm presenting posters for, I'm helping with the post graduate open day, writing two papers and also doing my own research, always so much to do!

Another exciting venture is that I am moving out in a few months! I've been saving with my boyfriend (we just had our 5 year anniversary) and we are nearly ready to start looking! As he works in a school we thought we might wait until the summer holidays so we can get moved in quickly. I'm so excited to look at houses, shop for furniture and finally get a cat!

Reading has been very bad for me recently, But I am trying to get back into reading with the 100 Books Challenge! If anyone has read anything they particularly enjoyed recently then please do let me know.

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